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liz-rosasandrea-bakerJoining us for a post-Easter Sunday edition of Gov 2.0 Radio on Monday night (8/11 eastern) are two awesome women making social media and e-governance happen out in the big wide world offline. I’ll be hosting with Steve Lunceford of GovTwit and Steve Ressler of GovLoop.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Liz Rosas, e-Gov program manager for the County of Santa Clara, at the O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Liz is also a member of the Federal Web Managers Social Media Subcouncil (and we’ll forgive her unfortunate school of choice, Stanford). She’ll join us from her home in the San Francisco East Bay.

Andrea Baker is a Renaissance woman, geek grrl and director of Enterprise 2.0 for Beltway-based Navstar Inc. She’s also a Gov 2.0 junkie and has worked with the federal government since 1994. Andrea joined us briefly from South by Southwest last month for our Gov 2.0 Radio demo show, and she’ll be back talking about  internal solutions for agencies looking at Web 2.0.

“With all the social media buzz about using tools that make government more transparent, we must not forget how Enterprise 2.0 solutions for business are increasing in successful case studies,” Andrea said. “It’s not about doing something new for the sake of new, but its about considering open source solutions as cost effective productivity tools.

“The tools are also social in nature and as the business community adopts them, old ways of doing business are replaced. The infusion of new business practices increases the transparency of work accomplished.”

Be sure to tune in!


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