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Twitter: Dumb, Inspiring

100_00111How many blog posts should start with, “This was going to be a tweet, but …”

We all know that some things take more than 140 characters. Plus, I need a place to store responses, and this is as good as it gets.

So here’s what I couldn’t say on Twitter, and it has to do with why I keep using it.

A week doesn’t go by that I don’t see some kind of self-reflective blog entry, usually of a deeply personal nature, from someone talking about why they are contemplating leaving Twitter. Really, it’s almost like they are describing the bottle.

I, too, seem to constantly reflect on the wisdom of my rapid-fire tweets.

(So why do you stick with Twitter – or are you contemplating one of those morose blog posts as well?)

Twitter is much of the time, even in my well-pruned stream, a place full of links I could get from a news Web site, quotes I could find on Google, and lots of conversations I’m not that interested in. As Richard Reeve (@ccseed) pointed out today, it’s also chock full of bad advice, a problem only growing with the network’s increasing popularity. It’s not even very good for crowdsourcing, as to cut through the noise I usually have to direct questions to specific users, something I could do with e-mail. It can also be quite an ego buster when you want to interact with really interesting people, and they couldn’t care less about you.

But here’s my nugget of truth in 130 characters: I stay on Twitter because, for all the noise, it’s full of inspiring and innovative people doing their best to make a difference.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those people. You energize me, and make it worth it.

So, thanks.


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