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sspx0001So I have to admit that podcasting isn’t something I really get into. Friends like Jonathan Fleming, one of the presenters I’m working with on an upcoming Citizen 2.0 training have got me almost convinced I need to dust off the iPod and download some good shows, but I’m still much more of a words (printed/digital?) guy.

However, when Amy Domestic recently reached out to me about the ease of putting together a show using BlogTalkRadio, the wheels started turning (coming soon, a brief Q&A w/Amy about the service).

So here’s the $64,000 question: Is a weekly Government 2.0 radio show something you’d listen to, either live or as a download?

The possibilities are good. Steve Lunceford, communications director for BearingPoint and I have been talking about using his GovTwit list to put together panels of gov folks experimenting with social media, and Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop, is another potential co-host for the show. Between GovTwit, my west coast connections, and GovLoop, we could easily sketch out a year’s worth of shows on the people, tools and trends shaping government.

I used to participate in a live TV panel on city government for Comcast in San Francisco. That was one of the highlights of my journalism career, and I’m sure doing a podcast would be fun. I know I like listening to myself talk. The question is, do you?

Does this sound like a show you’d be interested in? What would you want to hear?


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