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Ken Livingston, the first elected Mayor of London and architect of the successful downtown congestion pricing project profiled in Bill Eggers’ “If We Can Put a Man on the Moon,” has launched a NationBuilder-powered digital platform centered around his campaign volunteers. Livingstone is Labour’s candidate to unseat the Convervatives’ Boris Johnson in 2012.

YourKen.org will give thousands of volunteers the chance to actively participate in the most cutting edge and dynamic campaign London has ever seen,” Livingston said of the site.

Labour supporters on Twitter welcomed the site as “natty,” “slick,” “brilliant,” and “bloody great.”

Livingstone’s “YourKen” was designed by Ben Soffa of the UK firm Organic Campaigns.


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The Conservative’s Johnson has a website built by Boston-based Liberty Concepts.

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2011: We’ve Moved!

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Happy New Year!

“Inbound marketing” is one of the buzziest of the social media catchphrases, but that’s because it works.
I’ve been doing a lot of Web 2.0 and social media for government speaking of late, and all of the leads have come either from social media connections or contacts directly through my web outposts, from inquiries on my blog to messages on Twitter. These leads have taken me to new states and countries in the past year, and, in April, I’ll be putting a two-day workshop in Southeast Asia because I quickly responded to a conference organizer with a proposal after she found me through search engines and followed me on Twitter.
If you’re just getting started with social media marketing of your products or services, don’t get discouraged. I’d been actively blogging on Gov 2.0 for more than a year before the leads started coming in. Persistence matters.
In 2011, I’m going to be focusing on a small number of high-impact workshop and speaking engagements, events in California, and social media trainings and implementation for government and activism. It’s great to see the groundwork of many late nights of writing bearing fruit.