The transition point for a serious campaign is good voter outreach. With NationBuilder, we give you the tools and the free voter data you need to win a political campaign.

Get started now with a free NationBuilder trial account.

NationBuilder has community action and content pages built into a full-featured and customizable CMS. Your website is directly integrated into your contacts database, as is social media. It’s just more advanced than Salsa Lab’s products like DemocracyInAction. NationBuilder also supports voter data and outreach.

Here’s what Liberal Art has to say about NationBuilder vs. Salsa+Drupal: “NationBuilder’s tool suite is competitive with competing platforms, but its tools are fully integrated into the CMS.  This means less setup and easier management of your messaging and action campaigns. What’s more, social sharing functions are baked into every page, tool, and action taken by your supporters.”

Blue State Digital, recently acquired by UK-based marketing giant WPP, provides custom solutions for progressive campaigns.

NationBuilder is a nonpartisan community organizing system with wide adoption in the U.S., UK and Canada. It brings together social media, customizable websites with content and community action pages, and email and text blasting.

NationBuilder is an alternative for Blue State Digital for campaigns and non-profits that want to run their own actions and emails without need for costly integrations and consulting contracts.

Read what Liberal Art has to say about what makes NationBuilder different from Blue State Digital, Salsa (DemocracyInAction) and Convio.

If you’re looking for the best political software technology platform  – integrated voter files, supporter and volunteer database, online donations, voter outreach tools, social media, online political action forms and political websites that build fast and work well – skip over NGP VAN and check out NationBuilder.

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Ken Livingston, the first elected Mayor of London and architect of the successful downtown congestion pricing project profiled in Bill Eggers’ “If We Can Put a Man on the Moon,” has launched a NationBuilder-powered digital platform centered around his campaign volunteers. Livingstone is Labour’s candidate to unseat the Convervatives’ Boris Johnson in 2012.

YourKen.org will give thousands of volunteers the chance to actively participate in the most cutting edge and dynamic campaign London has ever seen,” Livingston said of the site.

Labour supporters on Twitter welcomed the site as “natty,” “slick,” “brilliant,” and “bloody great.”

Livingstone’s “YourKen” was designed by Ben Soffa of the UK firm Organic Campaigns.


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The Conservative’s Johnson has a website built by Boston-based Liberty Concepts.

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