10 Predictions for 2009

1) #TCOT is revealed as a liberal plot to stop conservatives from writing letters to the editor by corralling them in a Twitter echo chamber.
2) Social media tools continue to proliferate, culminating in an amazing app that allows @Scobleizer to talk to himself from six more directions at once.
3) Leveraged buyouts come back into style when Mommy Bloggers take over the New York Times.
4) All talk of a border fence ends when it’s realized that laid-off tech workers really won’t do manual labor, and all the hard-working conservatives are too busy with Twitter to halt sweeping immigration reform.
5) Al Franken loses his Senate bid in the longest recount on record, while the media moves on to Chris Matthews’ more serious bid.
6) Wal-Mart buys Facebook.
7) @chrisbrogan buys Twitter.
8) Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner collaborate on an epic look into the secret lives of dolphins.
9) Gay activists finance a proposition to legalize polygamy in Utah. It wins handily, and the polygamists aren’t allowed to adopt in several states, chiefly Arkansas.
10) OJ Simpson escapes from jail, is apprehended after stealing a white Blazer and leading police on a 4-hour low-speed chase.

Add your predictions in the comments. …