SF Architecture, Landscape, Weather Brought to Life on Twitter

Twitter has long been a place where fictional characters – from Darth Vader to strange turns on comic book heroes to the characters from the space opera Firefly – have found life. Now, in a move to warm a tourism board’s heart, some of the most iconic features of San Francisco are also animated on the micro-blogging service.

Authored by a person or persons unknown, about two dozen SF buildings, structures, landscape features – even the fog – tweet away to each other and other Twitter users concerned with traffic, weather and other Bay Area happenings. These tweeting icons are cheeky in style, and several are quite active, while others have faded away, as Twitter users are wont to do.

From “Karl the Fog” to “TransAmericaBdg,” you can check out their latest antics on my new Twitter list.

Fall Speaking Schedule

My fall schedule is quite busy, and I’m looking forward to meet many of my social media friends at several upcoming speaking engagements.

So you’ll know where to find me:

Citizen 2.0 Workshop – Sunday, Sept. 19, 2-4 p.m., Fairfield, CA – I’ll be leading a session on social media for progressive activists and campaign workers at the Solano County Democratic Party Headquarters;

NAGW National Conference – Sept. 21-22, St. Louis, MO – I’ll be leading a workshop and a regular conference session on social media for government;

CityCampSF – Oct. 16-17, San Francisco, CA – I’m an organizer of this unconference, and will be proposing sessions on social media, neighborhood beautification and mobile apps, and a public art location-based app check-in race;

Beyond 2010 – October 20-23, Edmonton, AB, Canada – I’ll be speaking in Edmonton on the 21st, on “Sci-fi, Digital Society and the Future of Governance,” holding a social media workshop for City of Edmonton’s IT branch, and meeting up with friends from Twitter and Empire Avenue;

How To: Podcasting – October 28, Oakland, CA – Joe Hackman and I are the guest speakers at Jonathan Fleming’s East Bay LocalPreneurs meetup, talking about our respective podcasts and sharing tips;

Gravity Summit – November 8-9, Irvine, CA – I’ll be keynoting the Social Media and Government event, talking about going to the next level with conversation and collaboration for governments and campaigns;

Keep up with me on Twitter, and I’ll be Plancasting these events as well. Hope to see you soon!

Having been an interested party in the San Francisco Police Department’s denial of press passes to some independent and small press journalists in its overall effort to reduce the number in circulation, I turned my SFPD credential over to Police Sgt. Neville Gittens on Thursday when I ran into him at City Hall on my last day in the field for the San Francisco Examiner. I believe such credentials should be granted to those who make a living at the craft of journalism and now that I’m back to writing for myself after seven years in the business I don’t feel I need an official law enforcement credential. Let me say, I do feel a little naked without it. … Please indulge as I look back, especially on my four years as an Examiner editor and reporter. … What’s always troubled me about industry coverage of the paper is the incessant focus on who’s in charge to the exclusion of fair reporting of the actual news product – a remarkably good news product – produced by the kind of folks who wear those SFPD press passes. At The Examiner, I had the privilege of working with many of the Bay Area’s finest journalist – folks whose work would stand up anywhere in the field. … At the moment two years ago when cost-cutting reduced our reporting staff to me and J.K. Dineen, I was working with the most talented group of 10 reporters possible. J.K. and I made a go of it from there, and I believe we made quite a run that last year under the Fang family ownership. … We owned coverage of the anti-war movement and the insurgent mayoral campaign of Matt Gonzalez, and let the world know about quirky “Only in San Francisco” news like Jim Reid and his little house. We gave San Francisco San Francisco news. … The mantra was fairness, which meant giving all parties – from the anarchistic Tenants Union to the anti-left SFSOS – the same sort of respect and scrutiny. … Today the paper remains chock full of talented and conscientious journalists. A diverse media is critical to fair coverage of San Francisco at its best and worst, and I’m glad a stable ownership will provide a second daily newspaper for The City for years to come, even though giving up that press pass wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done. …