P.J. Corkery – One of the Great Writers

It tore a hole in my heart to learn today that my friend and mentor PJ Corkery had died. I hope that there will be an effort to publish his letters, as they were as thoughtful and intelligent as any set pieces. He was a wise and caring person. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail he wrote me in March this year, quite prescient:

“I have no idea how this presidential nomination will work out.
The campaign lately has been lousy. All this race tittling while the country
falls apart. I wish these two candidates would get on the stick and start
talking about how they’re going to help people out of the quicksand we’re
all in ….
“And while Eliot Spitzer was just a bonehead in his private life (typical of
East Coast kids who score perfectly on Sats, Lsats, etc – they’re too
wound-up and thus, wounded-up.) I believe that he was targeted to get him
out of the way. The testimony he gave at the congressional hearings the day
of his tryst and the day following was about the only real attack on the
bankers and the brokers. Bush and them bankers wanted him out of the way.
And now we have the Bankers and Brokers Relief Act (as even Barron’s calls
it) bailing out the Big Bears while ordinary people sink beneath mortgages,
oil, and food prices. Yet Barry and Hillary behave like student council
candidates. Yecch.”

I’ll miss you, PJ. …