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Last week in Politico, Dave Gold, founding partner of the mail firm Bouchard Gold Communications, wrote that over-reliance on data models since Obama’s 2008 campaign has contributed to the epic fails of the Democratic Party: loss of 63 seats and control of the House, loss of 11 seats and control of the Senate, loss of 13 governorships, loss of over 900 state legislative seats and control of 27 state legislative chambers.

“We Democrats have allowed microtargeting to become microthinking. Each cycle, we speak to fewer and fewer people and have less and less to say,” Gold writes.

While you can expect that a mail consultant would argue for a larger contact universe, Gold’s argument for storytelling and focus on emotion is compelling, and Gold’s piece is worth a close read (it was shared heavily among my political Facebook friends, so there’s some agreement here). Gold also backs up his points with results from the difficult-for-Democrats Harris County, Texas, where an independent expenditure he advised “helped Democrats win every contested race in Harris County for the first time in a generation, including the district attorney, sheriff and 30 judicial races.”

I tend to agree with Gold that microtargeting efforts can cause more harm than good if they lead to contacting smaller universes. Micro-messaging – telling different voters different stories, can take the benefits of data and use them to drive increased turnout.

When it comes to voter outreach efforts, it’s accurate and complete data that really makes a difference. When you can only robo dial landlines, you need complete landline coverage. When you can text cell phones with apps like Hustle, Relay and Handstack, you need more cell phone numbers. And when you’re using Facebook ads or email to reach voters, you need phone numbers and emails for accurate custom audience matching.

And despite advancements in campaign tech, accurate data isn’t the easiest to come by. That’s where Accurate Append, one of my longest-running partners from NationBuilder and The Adriel Hampton Group, comes in. They provide data append services for campaign vendors and directly to campaigns, and their email append and verify products improve both ad targeting and delivery rates. If big data is killing campaigns, perhaps better data can help save them.

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American consumers really hate robocalls. The FCC says automated calls are the number one source of their complaints.

However, that doesn’t change that it’s now legal for U.S. government agencies – including Congress – to use automated dialers to hit up your cell phone for official business. In fact, one of the groups that recently got a favorable ruling from the FCC on this issue provides tele-town hall services to Congress.

From Consumerist’s report on the robocall ruling:

“We emphasize that … a call placed by a third-party agent will be immune from TCPA liability only where the call was placed pursuant to authority that was ‘validly conferred’ by the federal government, and the third party complied with the government’s instructions and otherwise acted within the scope of his or her agency, in accord with federal common-law principles of agency,” reads the ruling.

That means that while survey contractors and town hall vendors can now broadly use cell phone numbers on behalf of the federal government without fear, they’re still off-limits for, say, political campaign robocalls.

Town halls and accurate government surveys depend on reaching Americans by phone – and more than half have abandoned their landlines for cell-only, according to CDC research on mobile phone trends released last year.

Robocalls to cell phones aren’t just annoying, they are often grossly inefficient at reaching the right party. New laws allow creditors to call people who own a number even if they’re not the right party, which protects the vendors but not you and I from unwanted calls. Unlike the Verizon directory for landline directory assistance, there’s no official source for ownership changes to cell phones. And the richest data source – consumer credit card application data – is off-limits to the federal government for town hall and survey purposes (while it is available for debt collection).

That leaves agencies and vendors still scrambling to assemble the best possible phone lists from data append specialists that rely on consumer opt-in information.

It’s been just a few months since the FCC opened cell numbers to increased access by robo dialing. How long before there’s a more reliable way to reach the right parties?

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Guest post from Candice Variano-Comisi 

Data management is my bread and butter. I love collecting data, putting it together, analyzing it, and using it to reach target audiences. But, as any person who manages data knows, you cannot reach your leads unless you have accurate contact data on which to rely. You need it now and you need it to be correct. I’ve certainly been buried in a pile of proverbial spreadsheets before. It seems Accurate Append may just be a lifesaver.

Responsive, affordable, and reliable
Data append specialist Accurate Append is a trusted source for data managers across professional industries. Since 1999, Accurate Append has provided thousands of clients with reliable and affordable data append services. They show they care about their clients by providing customized help and speedy turnaround.

Email appending
Accurate Append’s email append service adds email addresses to your contact lists. Accurate Append will process, match and append email addresses within just a few minutes.

Phone appending
The phone append feature adds and edits landline or mobile phone numbers to your voter, business and consumer lists. In just a matter of minutes, you’ve got your updated list and you’re good to go.

Lead validation
You no longer need to waste your time hunting false leads. Accurate Append’s lead validation function validates all of your lead’s contact information.

NationBuilder App Integration
Customers using or interested in using NationBuilder are in for a real treat: Accurate Append is NationBuilder’s voter data enhancement partner. That means their services are integrated and will add to the type of information you’re able to collect, such as demographic information. You can use a single Accurate Append account to manage as many NationBuilder nations you have, saving you time and money.

Be sure to follow Accurate Append on Twitter to get the latest news on this great service.

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