Adriel Hampton: ‘The COVID Crisis has Shown us Just How Fast Governments Can Act’

Adriel Crossing the Delaware — by Brett Bandetelli

I recently took the time for a lengthy Q&A with Phil Mandelbaum of We spoke on everything from my firm’s work with technology companies and SEO clients like data vendor Accurate Append to how I got started in activism:

the City of Walnut Creek wanted to knock out a big chunk of the central park in the town for a parking garage. I had covered activism enough to know how it gets into the press and I organized a group that helped beat a ballot measure and then supported a compromise plan. The final project sited an amazing library in the park and also preserved the longtime matriarchal home of one of my neighbors.

We also discussed post-Bernie organizing strategy:

The long haul is going to be getting more left and corporate-free candidates at all levels — and that is going to take a few more cycles to really get rolling.

I hope you’ll check out the full interview.

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