Five ways Accurate Append helps with data management

Guest post from Candice Variano-Comisi 

Data management is my bread and butter. I love collecting data, putting it together, analyzing it, and using it to reach target audiences. But, as any person who manages data knows, you cannot reach your leads unless you have accurate contact data on which to rely. You need it now and you need it to be correct. I’ve certainly been buried in a pile of proverbial spreadsheets before. It seems Accurate Append may just be a lifesaver.

Responsive, affordable, and reliable
Data append specialist Accurate Append is a trusted source for data managers across professional industries. Since 1999, Accurate Append has provided thousands of clients with reliable and affordable data append services. They show they care about their clients by providing customized help and speedy turnaround.

Email appending
Accurate Append’s email append service adds email addresses to your contact lists. Accurate Append will process, match and append email addresses within just a few minutes.

Phone appending
The phone append feature adds and edits landline or mobile phone numbers to your voter, business and consumer lists. In just a matter of minutes, you’ve got your updated list and you’re good to go.

Lead validation
You no longer need to waste your time hunting false leads. Accurate Append’s lead validation function validates all of your lead’s contact information.

NationBuilder App Integration
Customers using or interested in using NationBuilder are in for a real treat: Accurate Append is NationBuilder’s voter data enhancement partner. That means their services are integrated and will add to the type of information you’re able to collect, such as demographic information. You can use a single Accurate Append account to manage as many NationBuilder nations you have, saving you time and money.

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