‘We Must Turn These Stones Into Schools’

threecupsoftea.com, originally uploaded by AdrielH.

The title are words spoken to pioneering education activist Greg Mortenson by Sadhar Khan, a warlord in the Afghan territory held by the Northern Alliance before the Taliban took control of the country and then were displaced by the U.S. post-911.
I highly recommend this book, “Three Cups of Tea,” and am looking forward to buying and reading the sequel, “Stones Into Schools.” Mortenson has spent much of his life building co-ed schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan, convinced that education is the path to peace in Central Asia.
The book is an enthralling read and highly inspirational. Check it out, and support Mortenson’s work, at http://www.threecupsoftea.com/

One thought on “‘We Must Turn These Stones Into Schools’

  1. Adriel – you should also check out Trust in Education, founded by East Bay Resident resident Bud Mackenzie. If you Google Trust in Education they are the #1 result. I interviewed Bud on my Podcast and I’ve seen him speak 2 times. Very effective group. Thought you might be interested. Keep up the great work, reading your digest every day.


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