Semantic Web: Please Join Me for “List Friends Friday” #LFF #FF

I’d sorely love to see handcrafted Twitter lists gain widespread popularity. They are incredibly useful not only for managing huge Twitter communities, they also underpin a sector of the 3rd party app community and help create a rich structure of intelligent links throughout the Open Web.

In honor of Micah Baldwin’s Follow Friday, I propose adding “List Friends Friday” – #LFF – to the community building traditions of Twitter. I’ll be looking for suggestions of tweeps to add to topical and regional lists this Friday, and making some list addition suggests of my own.

Example: “List Friends Friday: I suggest @dslunceford for your lists of PR professionals, Gov 2.0 types, and football fans. #LFF #FF”

I hope you’ll join me.


Interview with Micah Baldwin, Father of Follow Friday

HOW TO: Use Twitter Lists

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#TwitGov: Fresh Links!

A very interesting day of buzz over the new Twitter governmental liaison position, with everything from petitions to a sort of Microsoft-O’Reilly Media-Twitter Gov 2.0 debate on Mark Drapeau’s blog.
@Twitter opened on Monday the with a job post: the #twitgov search

Cue Wednesday:

Mark Drapeau (one of Microsoft’s social media samurai) trashes Twitter’s hiring plans and sparks comments from O’Reilly Media Gov 2.0 correspondent Alex Howard and Twitter comms VP Sean Garrett, who Mark, a prolific tweeter, then ignored on Twitter proper before a passive blog comment response: Government 2.0 Movement Seemingly Passes By Twitter, Inc.

(Garrett, by the way, is one of three Twitter bloggers posting about innovative Twitter uses, many of them in the Gov 2.0 mold: Clever Twitter Accounts – Twitterers that make you say, “Now I get it!'”)

Howard follows up on the Drapeau blog comments debate: Why is Twitter hiring a government liaison? Thoughts from @SG and more. [#gov20]

Must. Be. Awesome!!! blogger Du4 offers up a point-by-point response to Tuesday’s Andrew P. Wilson suggestions post: Andrew Wilson’s Top 10 Requests of the Twitter Gov Liaison

Luke Fretwell names four folks he thinks would fit the position, and calls for more nominations: Tweeters Twitter should consider for its new government gig

Alan W. Silberberg offers a surprisingly Gov 1.0 argument for a beltway insider, including reference to Twitter’s investors (then expands on Twitter with arguments for awesome Gov 2.0 heroes Lovisa Williams and Noel Dickover): Gov 2.0 and #Twitter Finally Meet!

And for those suggesting/joking about opening it up to nominations, been there, did the YouTube videos: