Gov 2.0 Professional – How Can We Rock LinkedIn?

A million Twitter years ago, back in 2008, I first discovered the phrase “Government 2.0” while bumming around various LinkedIn groups. Yesterday, Government 2.0 group creator Ric Cantrell, a Utah state govie, invited me to help manage the group, now at 3,800 members. The Government 2.0 group on LI is also where I first met Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop and co-founder of Gov 2.0 Radio.
I’m excited to really get back into LinkedIn, which was my taste of the wild west of social networking and tech-enabled government reform. From what I understand about the kind of changes the Obama administration is bringing to the federal workforce, I think more and more career civil servants are going to be looking into Gov 2.0, and, like me, many will find their first point of entry on LinkedIn.
Early today, I posed a quick question in the discussion group at GovLoop about how to make Gov 2.0 pop on LinkedIn. GovLoop now has more than 30,000 members, and community manager Andy Krzmarzick is interested in cranking up the power of cross-network collaboration between GovLoop and the several large government-focused groups on LinkedIn.
“There ought to be a way for us to exchange relevant content from each site and accelerate the “time-to-answer” for people posing questions and sharing information,” wrote Andy. “My hunch is that we have concentric circles here where there’s some overlap…but where we can bring immense value to those people who are not yet linked to one another.”
I agree, and I think there is huge potential in these vibrant networks. Each has a bit of a different makeup, and combined with the open networking environment of Twitter, we can really boost our collective knowledge and impact.
Are you a member of the Government 2.0 group on LinkedIn or GovLoop? How do you use the network(s)? Where is there room for improvement? What do you think is important for people who’ve just heard about Gov 2.0 and are diving in? What do you see as the best ways to share information and questions across these networks?
Thanks for your input and effort!


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“Cross-pollination” discussion on GovLoop;

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Friend me on LinkedIn (adriel at, Twitter and GovLoop

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