Game Mechanics: Being There (or, A Gov 2.0 Potential for Location-based Services)

The way I look at it, Gov 2.0 is more about innovation than technology. Activists in this movement have by now noted that it doesn’t matter how good the technology is if it doesn’t fill a need and if people don’t use it. Of late, I’ve been thinking more about game mechanics and how stimulating fun can help engage citizens and achieve goals.
One idea that I teased out a bit on a recent Gov 2.0 Episode is the use of location-based services like Foursquare or Gowalla in the context of civic art exhibits.
Most large cities, and many small ones, have a decent collection of outdoor art installations, permanent and not. In a totally technology agnostic move, what if your local art commission or board set up a game to visit all of the art exhibits and check in with a GPS-based app or take a photo with each piece? Like an art treasure hunt.
The fabric of community is connections. It couldn’t hurt to encourage those. How about a special lunch with a local artist for the people who complete the art hunt, a free museum pass, a video re-creation of the action?

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