Space is the Place – NASA on Gov 2.0 Radio

If you’re looking for a glimpse into how earthpeople and their governments are evolving, what better way then to check into NASA’s two April appearances on Gov 2.0 Radio. This month, we’ll go coast to coast with conversation with Beth Beck about NASA’s social media initiatives, and Gretchen Curtis on the space agency’s pioneering cloud computing project, Nebula.

April 4, 9 p.m. ET from DC: NASA isn’t just an early adopter of social media, they go BIG. First their astronauts were relaying tweets from space, then they were tweeting live from orbit. NASA has also holds space-themed tweetups for their fans. Tune in for a chat with Beth Beck, NASA’s space operations outreach manager.

April 11, 9 p.m. ET from SF: How does NASA match good government and massive computational needs? By launching the federal governments most aggressive cloud computing pilot project, of course. Join us as we talk with Gretchen Curtis, NASA Nebula’s communications director about infrastructure-as-a-service and the future of public sector cloud.

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