#Gov20 For the People: Los Angeles. February.

In a 2008 year-end blog post about my fledgling Gov 2.0 advocacy efforts, I wrote, “In 2009, let’s say we did it.” And did we ever.
From the open data technologists in the Obama administration to grassroots-led barcamps to O’Reilly’s Gov 2.0 Summit to the explosion of social media into the mainstream, a fledgling idea that back in 2007 required framing by pricey consultants has taken on a life of its own in the hearts and minds of thousand of everyday public sector workers.
I also think that the Government 2.0 movement is just now getting its sea legs. The ecosystem of govies, vendors, consultants and conference organizers is not far from the Wild West. Today, we face the challenges of how to make tech-based collaborative reforms real for more than just technocrats and the affluent urban young, and we need the energy to keep bashing up against bureaucratic and political barriers to change. We’ve got a long way to go, but I have great hope.
I hope for a Gov 2.0 that brings us back to Lincoln’s ideal of an enduring people-focused government.
It’s this hope that has me blogging away far past my bedtime to invite you to Gov 2.0 LA, the first major Gov 2.0 conference on the West Coast. The event is free thanks to sponsors like Microsoft and Rock Creek Strategic Marketing, and incredible work by You2Gov CEO Alan Silberberg, and I hope you’ll sign up and make travel plans this weekend. At the hybrid event, we’ll have structured panels as well as attendee-driven sessions and hands-on tech demos. We’ll be building on the history of Gov 2.0 research to road map the past and future of implementation in the enterprise and in gov-citizen collaboration, and we’ll be discussing democratization of the language we use to describe this movement.
I’m hopeful about the future, and I hope to see you in LA.
~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant, host of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast, and a Gov 2.0 LA organizing committee member. Follow him on Twitter @adrielhampton.

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3 thoughts on “#Gov20 For the People: Los Angeles. February.

  1. Hi Adriel – I love your passion and enthusiasm. I guess it is safe to assume that you will be attending the aforementioned conference in Los Angeles. My question to you is who should attend that conference?

  2. Joe, I think anyone interested in better government efficiency, and in democratic engagement in a networked world, is part of the target audience. The event will have unconference suggestions planned by attendees, so there is a lot of room for it to be whatever people want it to be. A fair group of us from the SF area are going down, might even be a plan for a caravan carpool (I’m checking into that).

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