Is 2010 the Year #Gov20 becomes #Gov2?

Did you know that the term “gov 2” simply crushes all other variations of the Gov 2.0 meme in global Google search traffic? Check it out – more than triple the searches for “government 2.0” and more than 10 times “gov 2.0.”
I wish I could explain what this means. (O’Reilly Media is onto the search trend, and the Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce also owns results traffic). I’m not sure whether it’s an indication that the meme will get shorter in 2010, or simply an artifact of other searches.
You’ll notice from the stats that Gov 2.0 has a long way to go to even penetrate the popular consciousness. For those of us advocating tech-enabled government and governance reform, this search trend deserves attention.
In 2008, there was a short-lived effort to rename Gov 2.0. In 2010, will global traffic do it for us?

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast. Follow him on Twitter @adrielhampton.

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