Congress Camp on Gov 2.0 Radio

Congress Camp

Last weekend, experts, advocates and activists convened at George Washington University for a free unconference focused on bringing Gov 2.0 themes to the federal legislature. You can read about the event at the official “Congress Camp” blog, and for a short summary, check out this post at Forum One’s INfluence blog.

Sunday evening on Gov 2.0 Radio, we’ll be talking to some of the sponsors and participants from this event, including Jim Gilliam (pictured, left), creator of, NationBuilder, and the upcoming GovLuv; Alan Silberberg, co-founder and CEO of You2Gov; and Nisha Chittal, of New Media Strategies and Politocoholic.

Follow Gov 2.0 Radio on Twitter. Gov 2.0 Radio is a podcast by Adriel Hampton, Meghan Harvey, Steve Lunceford, and Steve Ressler.

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