Juggling Twitter IDs: How Many Handles?

hampton_2008Forgive me for not writing about Twitter for some time. Hopefully this quick post will remedy that failure.

I want to talk a bit about why I have a bunch of Twitter handles, and how I use them. I’m also interested in whether you have multiple handles, and why.

I use several handles to focus on specific issues and to build community. I also have split handles to separate elements of my professional and political life. Here’s a brief rundown:

“Me.” My first and most-used handle is simply @adriehampton. I use this identity almost 24-7 from Web, Tweetdeck and my smart phone by mobile Web and text.

Politics. Now that I’m running for the House of Representatives, I’m using the handle @Adriel4Congress with campaign staff to update during the day while I’m at work, to use during work breaks outside the office, and to keep some insider tweets of my main stream. It also allows me to parse out my main handle during the day as a non-campaign identity. In addition to that “political me,” I created @CA_10 to retweet tagged campaign activity, @TheFakeJoeBiden to retweet tweets about Democrats and for general hijinks. I also recently created several handles to push a short-term political agenda.

Community building. One of my favorite handles is @govwiki, which retweets the tag #gov20. This handle allows folks from across the government community to see what their peers are talking about and to find others they may want to follow and collaborate with.

Official activity. I use #pilife-tagged tweets to talk about my job as a City Attorney investigator, and I also help manage the City Attorney’s Office handle, @SFCityAttorney.

How about you? Do you have multiple handles, and how do you use them?

Adriel Hampton

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