How has GovLoop Helped You?

govloopsquareLess than a year into its existence, Steve Ressler’s GovLoop has blasted past the 10,000 member mark, uniting federal, state and local government employees across the nation and the world.

I run out of fingers counting the great ways that GovLoop has helped my career since I joined up last summer just before the 1,000 mark. So I wanted to ask, how has GovLoop helped you?

In my case, contacts forged through GovLoop have helped me launch a radio show, forge a leadership role in government reform through technology, and move my agency into the social media arena.

GovLoop has cut through traditional barriers between agencies, career and political employees, civil servants and contractors, and has fostered incredibly valuable cross-agency collaboration. For  example, my agency, the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office, was able to borrow lessons learned by Massachusetts to quickly launch an official Twitter presence. I have also been able to meet and speak with other local, state and federal officials to discuss best practices in social media outreach and internal policymaking.

Ressler, who co-hosts Gov 2.0 Radio with me, created this network using Ning and literally his own pocket money. It is a great and powerful testimony to the amazing productivity unleashed through new zero-cost communications and a progressive outlook towards government reform.

I want to personally thank Steve for his leadership, and ask again, how has GovLoop helped you?

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