Air Force Public Affairs on Gov 2.0 Radio

Guest post by Steve Lunceford.

afpadudeThe U.S. Air Force is doing some fantastic work around the integration and use of social media to communicate with its airmen, recruits and other citizens. Earlier this year they made a splash in Wired and other publications with a “AF draft blogging engagement guide” and followed that up in April with the official release of the Air Force Social Media Handbook.

This week, Alan Black (@AFPADude on Twitter), Chief for Public Affairs Force Management for the USAF, joins Gov 2.0 Radio to talk about why social media is playing a bigger role in the Air Force’s communications efforts. Having met with Alan at lunch recently, and knowing his personal passion for the topic, it promises to be a great hour, so don’t miss it!

Your hosts this week will include myself (Steve Lunceford ), Adriel Hampton and Steve Ressler , with Meghan Harvey producing. Also check out Alan’s newly launched blog, The Black Vector, and the video launch for the Air Force’s Social Media Handbook.


Steve Lunceford is the creator of GovTwit, an online directory of government, industry and academia using Twitter and other social networks to share information about Government 2.0.

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