Facebook is Evil

100_0026Tonight Facebook revealed its true colors, aping Twitter in its design, then censoring mentions of the competitor in status updates. Damn you, Facebook.

Update: For several hours today, the word Twitter was censored in Facebook’s new stream, or at least delayed. As I’ve mentioned before, there is no private. Assume that every singe thing you put on the Internet might be used against you. I actually believe transparent living and collaborative culture is the antidote to totalitarianism, but I am going to be looking more towards open source. Facebook is not to be trusted, though it remains a decent tool for some purposes. I take back that I’ve said about using established tech for Government 2.0 – we must be wary.

4 thoughts on “Facebook is Evil

  1. I just mentioned Twitter in my status update and it looks fine. Are you talking about a different competitor? Did I read that wrong?

  2. Have to say, I got the same result as my namesake above me (hey, is that a new record for people with same names posting after each other?) 😉

    My Twitter reference was posted as soon as I logged into the new FB interface, and it’s still there. I’ll leave it there as well, just to make sure. 🙂

    But yes – Facebook is now officially a second-hand car network 😉

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