Getting Political On You: No Deal for Madoff

We live in a society with minimum sentences for drug crime, and yet multi-billion-dollar fraudster Bernie Madoff looks like he may get a deal that allows his wife to keep some of his money.

“Former federal prosecutor Christopher Steskal said Madoff may want to retain his freedom through a plea deal and protect family assets by agreeing to help prosecutors find stolen funds”

There are Two Americas. If this goes down as the elite protecting the elite, I hope you will join me in street protests at federal buildings around the country.

One thought on “Getting Political On You: No Deal for Madoff

  1. You know, the anti-semitic tin foil hatters are saying that the money is in Israel and no one but Madoff (or his trusted “advisers”) will ever be able to get their hands on it.

    Somehow the timing of the fraud always seemed a bit fishy to me, combined with the fact that the SEC knew for a full DECADE that something wasn’t right with Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities, LLC leads me to believe something just isn’t right with Madoff – and I’m not referring to the fact that he bilked investors out of billions (or millions, depending on who you ask).

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