2 thoughts on “Gov Folks – A Short Survey, Please

  1. You rock, AH!

    As of right now, we have over 60 responses from all sectors of federal, state, and local government around the United States. But there is little non-US representation other than about 8-10 folks from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

    But even more US responses would be great. The survey will be closed Friday at 17:00 EST, and we’d love to see 100 submissions. That would provide a great sample, and results will be publicly announced, in anonymous and aggregate format, during our presentation on the 26th in DC. (Subsequently, info will go online.)

    Thanks again.

    -a different AH

  2. Let me add my gratitude to Ari’s! Thanks, Adriel!

    Update to Ari’s post above. We have roughly 75 and are aiming for 100…two days to go!

    The results should be incredibly helpful governmentwide – here and abroad.

    – @krazykriz

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