“Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom” … Teams Take Social Media Viral

photo_031708_014One of the coolest things about the 2.0 culture is its viral nature. And that doesn’t just mean Facebook notes.

This Sunday, I saw two of my projects take on a life of their own in the hands of my great partners. How about you? How are you using your networks to give meaningful projects lives of their own?

Over in Dublin, the “Citizen 2.0” training project drew about 35 people, nearly all Boomers, to learn about new media tools for building community and business. These were folks out to learn the bare basics, and George Millington, Jonathan Fleming and the Around Dublin team gave them that and more. The training has already blossomed into requests for follow-ups, and a new Facebook group.

A second project taking on a life of its own is Gov 2.0 Radio, with a spectacular show Sunday led by Steve Lunceford, as he and Steve Ressler chatted with two of the brains behind TweetCongress and Heroes4Heroes.

So, what’s next?

Congress All a-Twitter

toon_steve2Guest Post by Steve Lunceford of Gov 2.0 Radio

Last summer The Sunlight Foundation launched a campaign to allow those in Congress to use Twitter as a tool to reach constituents. The campaign was successful but not all in Congress have caught on to the power of this new channel; that’s where TweetCongress comes in. Created by software developers at Squeejee , TweetCongress is a social advocacy site that encourages pols to tweet, and allows citizens to sign online petitions for their representatives to encourage their use of Twitter. The site has received tons of press and kudos, including winning a SXSW Award earlier this month.

On Sunday at 2 /5 p.m. ET, join me, founder of GovTwit, and Steve Ressler of GovLoop, to talk to the founders of TweetCongress on Gov 2.0 Radio. Adriel Hampton will join in from a live “Citizen 2.0” training in Dublin, CA. We’ll also be catching up on the week in #Gov20, including Government 2.0 BarCamp .  If you can, tune in live, let us know if you plan to call in (message producer @meghan1018 and include last 4 digits of your phone), and tell us here what interests you.


Crashing the Gate, from Inside

oreilly_adamtinworth1Progressive activists have been working for years to change how politics is funded and how government responds to everyday people.

Over the past several months, I have been tremendously inspired by “just folks” working on the inside of government to transform its culture and technology. One of those people is my friend Steve Ressler, who founded a network of government employees, contractors and interested outsiders on $50 and a vision. That network is now an idea machine giving hope for true change to thousands of government worker bees.

Today, I was able to host a great radio show with Ressler and BearingPoint communications director Steve Lunceford in conversation with Tim O’Reilly, one of the top minds in tech, and Sally Lieber, a fabulous progressive Democrat from Silicon Valley who’s working to wrap her mind around the Government 2.0 revolution. Also aboard for the show were Generation Shift blogger Andrew Krzmarzick and WELL alumnus Michael Russell.

A change is a’coming.

Photo by Adam Tinworth

You’ve got Tim O’Reilly and Gov 2.0 in a Room …

102_0214_r11What do you want to know?

Steve Ressler of GovLoop and Steve Lunceford of GovTwit and BearingPoint in conversation with the founder of O’Reilly Media and the voice of Web 2.0. He’s crashing DC in September with the Gov 2.0 Summit, and we’re talking to him Sunday, 2 p.m., on BlogTalkRadio.

I’m down with O’Reilly’s “Work on Stuff that Matters” meme, and I know you are, too.

If you can, tune in live, let us know if you plan to call in (@adrielhampton), and tell us here what interests you. Thanks!