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imagesThere are some very ugly trends shaping Twitter these days. Happily, the system is fairly flexible and it’s not too hard to filter out this garbage. However, I’d been very active on Twitter for several months before I learned that one of it’s top 10 users, Perry Belcher, is a convicted Internet fraudster who sold bunko cures to people searching the Web for answers to their ailments.

(I was following Perry before learning this information. I’ve also been a minor victim of a similar scam for weight loss products. These kind of cons work by offering free trials, then billing your credit card each month due to fine print clauses, and making it difficult to reach anyone to cancel. The group I fell victim to is under criminal investigation in Florida. They may also be making stuff up, like Perry using clip art of doctors to tout his pills.)

Also troubling, and related to Perry’s MO, is the heavy influx of multi-level marketers (MLM) onto Twitter. These are the modern Amway folks, and they use relationships as tools to get people into their sales pyramids.

Twitter is a place for relationships, but be careful about who you allow into your stream, and community.

Also, if you run into any problems with social networks stalkers, this link may provide some help.

Be safe out there!

Update: Tenn. auction’s off scammer’s ill-gotten gains. With video of Perry’s toys.


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