One thought on “Where is the Society of Professional Journalists?

  1. It’s hard to read this quote here, but I think journalists are responding. And, I would stretch this concept even further by asking: Who is a journalist and how do you (we) define journalism (to go a little academic)?

    As to innovative business models on how to fund “journalism,” I would mention that you might be interested in looking at the U.K’s Guardian as an example, as well as I think it’s Switzerland’s too (where the government funds it…tho, that brings up a whole ‘nother basket of items to discuss, lol.)

    In my humble opinion, journalism has become a business. It didn’t start that way. True journalism operates as a public service as Walter Williams wrote in the journalist’s creed. Thus, though I’m a “blogger,” I would say I am a journalist, as are you. I know others may disagree with this, but journalism is all around us.

    Where it gets sticky, is on the topic of “objectivity,” and as we are finding, the point of view in a story often depends on who is telling it. But, this is also human nature and isn’t just limited to journalism.

    Alas, I have gone on a tangent….to be continued some other time. =)

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