Revolting! (Or, I’ll Ruin Your Company or Country for Millions Less)

photo_102508_012I’m interested in Government 2.0 as a route to a more open, collaborative and responsive government using social tools to change an entrenched culture. Longtime readers and offline friends may remember that my first sustained use of social networks was with the Obama campaign, and efforts to stop the first mega-bank bailout. It was on the anti-bailout grassroots effort that I learned about tools like MixedInk for collaborative writing projects, and first harnessed Facebook as an activist channel.

We were successful in getting Obama in, and far less so in impacting the bailout. Today, though, I’m pondering whether the new president and his crew realize the horrible damage they are doing by caving to politics as usual. I understand the politics of pushing Geithner through, but I’m not sure Team Obama understands the incredible damage done to the hopes of moderates who votes for a cleaner people-powered government.

And it’s not just Geithner. It’s Daschle. It’s failure to comply with basic tax laws. It’s more money for banks with guys like Thain in the wings. It’s pay-to-play and revolving door lobbyist officials. It’s $1,400 trash cans and we-know-betters.

(As a friend pointed out, the cost of the Merill-Lynch bonuses Thain rigged would have supported  240,000 middle class jobs. And each layoff increases our deficit because the unemployed need government assistance to subsist.)

But hey, why not! These guys are the best in the world. They’ve earned everything they’ve got and we need them in charge.

Or maybe not. I have a simple proposal. I’ll help run this great country into the ground. I’ll take down a few century-old banks. And I’ll do it for millions less.

3 thoughts on “Revolting! (Or, I’ll Ruin Your Company or Country for Millions Less)

  1. Adriel, could you please explain for me the politics of pushing Geithner through because, I confess, it escapes me.

    As much as I don’t agree with the new President on, well, practically everything, I would still like to see him be successful in turning this country around. I don’t think that continuing to put forward nominees that apparently scorn the law and the majority of citizens who pay their taxes is going to help him achieve that.

  2. Politics aside, regardless of whether I am a Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t bode well that two nominees have not passed because of tax issues. Daschle was once one of the most powerful members of the Democratic party, so I think it actually damages things a little more if it were a different nominee that had to withdraw.

    Many average Americans are very angry about the bailout, something that seems to escape the politicians and recipients of the funds that the average citizen actually paid for (the folks that are actually struggling to keep their homes).

    I am personally very surprised that we don’t have people protesting in the streets.

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