Six Stages of Chris Brogan

broganWhen one of my pals jumps on Twitter for the first time, they invariably say something like, who’s this Chris Brogan you keep talking about?

This is what I like to call the First Stage of Chris Brogan – IGNORANCE.

The next stage isn’t very nice. That’s where you discover that he is THE MAN on Twitter and in social media. And what do you want to do? Knock him down! (Perhaps this stage only applies to males.) This is where you make dumb jokes or say mean things about Chris Brogan. Second Stage of Chris Brogan – COMPETITION.

Then perhaps you reach the point where you have actually checked out his blog and realized he’s the perfect guide to this strange new world you’re now inhabiting. Maybe you’ve even subscribed or left a comment. Third Stage of Chris Brogan – AWE.

After learning some really cool things, you’ve got so wrapped up in the tools and culture you’re in, that you almost forget about Chris Brogan. Fourth Stage of Chris Brogan – FORGETFULNESS

Then you get his blog again in your inbox, and you’re like, “Wow, it’s almost like Chris wrote this just for me!” And you’re talking to and learning from Chris Brogan. Fifth Stage of Chris Brogan – LOVE

Sixth Stage – you tell me. I don’t really know the guy that well, yet.

(photo by chipgriffin)

21 thoughts on “Six Stages of Chris Brogan

  1. Chris, I SO love that you continue to poke fun at yourself. . . it’s such a refreshing commentary compared to some of what is out there. Rock on, D.

  2. Maybe the sixth stage is that you “are” Chris Brogan because you’ve learned so much from his awesomeness that you too are a generous, funny leader in social media who apparently never sleeps and actually takes the time to respond to people back at stage 1 who ask lots of questions already answered on the blog, if only they read it. 😀


  3. Adreil! I just noticed this is your post and not Chris. . .ha! It totally sounds like something he could have written, and in my super-fast clicking from Twitter, I didn’t even notice.

    Rock on to you as well! Cheers, D

  4. The sixth stage will likely become a classic LOVE-HATE relationship where we ‘LOVE’ @chrisbrogan and then we HATE @chrisbrogan, but then we LOVE @chrisbrogan and then we… etc.

    I don’t think Chris Brogan will allow people to become indifferent, which is the true enemy of Love.

  5. Hooray! I’m at stage three!!! Having met Chris, I am amazed at how someone so seemingly unassuming and quiet can be everywhere and doing everything all at once! Stage 6 here we come!

  6. Very fun post to write! Thanks for the comments, folks. I steer all my social media peeps to – it’s like a fun daily mentoring session.

  7. Ari – the sixth stage is when Chris tweets his network to find someone else to buy you a beer – ’cause he’s at Podcamp Boston and you’re in Whakatane, New Zealand.

  8. 6th stage: By the time you’re through catching up with his posts and links, you’re out of time and it’s time to go. Need to check more than once a day. And you wonder at the nice manners. Three people talk to me at the same time and I get flustered.

    And how did he find time to respond to my lame tweet? Dude rocks.

  9. @BarbChamberlain That’s a good one! Chris’ patience is incredible. I’d love to get there!
    @Mark Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Clones, I think it’s clones.

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  12. I think I’m on stage 8 with Chris, where seven is that you realize he’s just a good guy like the rest of us and 8, he’s willing to share things personally with you when he has the time. We can all learn from each other. It’s guys like Chris, CC Chapman, Jeff Cutler, Steve Garfield, etc. that get the lime light because they are creating volumes of ridiculously good content.

  13. I think there’s a fanboy stage too. I’ve seen Chris at a million conferences and there’s always a few. They can quote every Tweet, site dates/times for every blog post, recall every speech. Yeah it must be scary to be Chris sometimes… (Just don’t ask about the Cougars…)

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