Authenticated Twitter Accounts are a Great Monetization Strategy

img_0083A lot of us want Twitter to survive and thrive. Sometimes it almost seems like it doesn’t want to, but I have noticed some promising job listings lately. And I’ve got a pretty solid thought. (I’m sure it’s been said before, but I haven’t read it, so don’t sue me – plus, I tweeted this like months ago.)

Twitter can sell authenticated accounts. No, I’m not talking about tiered accounts, I’m talking about someone actually verifying the identity of the person behind the account and putting a seal on the profile.

Have you ever been impersonated on Twitter? I know people who have. How about your company? What if someone was out there pretending to be you, or worse, mocking you under your brand name?

I bet there are thousands of accounts that could be sold at $100 a year, without lawsuits over names that are already taken. You don’t have to bump name squatters, you just don’t validate those accounts. Word moves fast on Twitter, and it would all be sorted out in a jiffy.

And Twitter might make a few million bucks.

What do you think?

(BTW, I am not really Henry Paulson, and that is not really President Obama.)

4 thoughts on “Authenticated Twitter Accounts are a Great Monetization Strategy

  1. It certainly sounds like a possibility to me. I’m not sure what the percentage of people would be that are concerned about being impersonated on Twitter, but I suspect some well knowns and even companies would buy an authentication for their name even if they did not use their account.

  2. @Susa – That was basically my thought. Most wouldn’t want it, but some would, and it would be a very non-obtrusive service.

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