Are You Networking for Entertainment, Or Value?

wolf-dogA social networking top dog pinged me today about someone I really like on social networks, but who’s not too active. I’m a bit particular about social networking, as I’ve pointed out before. I connect with a few top dogs, but no people pretending to be dogs. I connect with plenty of fun people, even some fictional characters, but avoid fictional characters pretending to be people.

How about you? Are you networking for entertainment or value?

I want to get to know real-world powerhouses who might be less-active Twitter users. If you disagree, I can direct you to a few very entertaining jokers, Santa Claus, and the crew of Serenity.

(photo by Storm Gal)

5 thoughts on “Are You Networking for Entertainment, Or Value?

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  2. Cute blog…Love the dog photo. I think I mostly network for value, though sometimes it has to do with my entertainment (e.g. XC skiing). I’m still new at twitter, but have found a few good burma contacts (I’m trying to meet people from burma for a book project). I’ve mostly been followed by self proclaimed social media gurus…a couple are ok, but I’ve realized most are treating their follow numbers like some 2nd life currency, just running up numbers and then spamming…then writing a book about their success. At first, I would follow everyone back…now, I’ve stopped and if someone spams me too often when I’m on, then unfollow…slowly, i’ll weed them out. I’d like to find more people with similar interests (writing, fractional real estate, xc skiing, animals, etc…), but I’m still at the bottom of the learning curve on all this social media.

  3. First time reader of your blog here.

    Hey look, I have been on this mantra kick for nearly a month now – value. It is all about value, and everything we do creates value – whether positive or negative. I have written several posts about it.

    You hit on that here – is it entertainment or value? I dare say for some, it is truly both. But then again, the argument could be made that entertainment is value.

    Looking forward to reading some more on here.

  4. @Bruce – thanks for reading, and for adding your thoughts. You’ll be up to speed in no time.
    @southplatte – thanks for stopping in, glad you see the need for value. Hope to see you again!

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