Creating a Twitter Bot

I generally don’t like Twitter bots – those annoying non-person accounts that automatically post people’s blogs or other content, but they are so easy to make. Just create an account, grab an RSS feed (Twitter mentions of World of Warcraft in this example), and use TwitterFeed to point your feed to the account.

Someone actually randomly did a bot to repost all my tweets. Someone’s done “Obama should.” Next one I want to see is “My boss.” Note that if the feed never interacts and people flag it as spam, Twitter may delete the account.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Twitter Bot

  1. I actually reported your spam bot as spam. I didn’t realize it was so simple to set one up! I use twitterfeed for a couple blogs, and never would’ve thought to set one up for something like that. My main question is why exactly would someone do that? Makes no sense.

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