How Do You Use Your Networks?

Most social networking and social media enthusiasts are active on two or more platforms. Which ones are you active on, how do you use them, and what do you hope to accomplish by doing so?

My social networking is perhaps not as thought out at it could be, but let me open up a bit on which networks I actively use and why.

LinkedIn: I used LinkedIn as a open professional resume, a place to recommend people I’ve worked with, and to connect to colleagues, business partners, professionals with shared interests, and people who might want to hire my friends or who I think I might be good future service providers (attorneys, insurance agents and the like). I’m also active in several groups for private investigators, where we connect, collaborate and share strategy and key resources. If I’ve helped you out or worked with you and you’d like to recommend me here, I value that.

Facebook: I use this network to stay in touch with and reconnect with friends from my personal and professional life. I have many close friends here, so I am a bit selective with who I add. I also use this network to share interesting news and projects I am working on, and it has most of my local contacts.

GovLoop: I use this Government 2.0 network to get feedback on projects and to connect with other public employees. I find it to be a very valuable resource, and fun too.

Twitter: My Twitter practices really morph from month to month and week to week, and likely will continue to do so. I use Twitter primarily to connect with communities of interest, of which I have many. This includes Government 2.0 and social media folks, inspirational and spiritual people, trail runners, private investigators, journalists, and other niches. I use the network to get ideas, share what I’m up to, from the mundane to the serious, and to get feedback on my blog posts (it’s very good for this, if used actively). I’ve linked my Facebook status to Twitter, and generally follow back anyone who fits my communities of interest. My Twitter contacts are people I’ve not met in person, but many of whom I interested in knowing better. I am a very active Twitter user, which means that people without at least a few hundred connections, or who like to read everything in their feed, find that my updates overwhelm their Twitter feed. If that’s you, don’t follow me but send me an invite on one of my other networks if you’d like to be connected.

So that’s me. What about you?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Use Your Networks?

  1. I agree with your use of Social Networks, Adriel. I use these in a similar fashion. Everyone has to find what works for them, and I’ve found that being strategic and thinking through what the platform can offer, who’s on it and why, really helps me use the tool in a way that’s best for me.

    I find the LinkedIn Q&A to be a very helpful resource. I both post and respond to questions there. I do not accept every invitation on LinkedIn, but only those of people I know, have met and can recommend to others. There are a lot of folks who connect with everyone on every platform. This just doesn’t work for me. I like to keep my LinkedIn contacts as those I know personally.

    I heard Chris Brogan say one time that you have “friends” on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook, friends on Twitter, and then you have friends that will help you move your couch into your new home. I use Facebook to connect with my real friends (most of which would help me move the couch), LinkedIn I use with my professional contacts and some real friends (who’d help me move the couch), Twitter and MySpace include my contacts that I like to talk and share ideas with. Few, if any of these would help me move my couch.

    This is what works for me. Others need to determine strategies that work for them. Thanks for the post!


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