Yes, Some People Stalk for Pay, Stricly Legal

Do you know what private investigators do? Do you want to find out on Twitter?

(If you found this through a search and it’s not what you are looking for, here is a list of anti-stalking resources. PIs are licensed, trained, and usually highly ethical.)

In my professional life, I presently work as a municipal investigator. I’m also a licensed private investigator in California. Interesting to me, really the biggest thing the license does – other than allow us to represent ourselves as PIs – is allow us to take pay for following people. Don’t try that without it!

In my job, I mostly do analysis, records searches and interviews. Sometimes I get really interesting cases, sometimes I’m simply buried in paperwork. At the top of my game, I get to investigate things like sex slave trafficking, tiger attacks, slumlords and employee fraud. Private eyes do everything from finding lost relatives to researching executive to obtaining evidence of illicit trysts.

Using Twitter, I’m working to get a number of PIs using the hashtag #pilife, aggregating snapshots of our work and giving you a window into a very interesting profession. At the same time, I hope if you’re in need of a PI’s services, you’ll check out the tag as well (note – I do not presently take private cases, but many of my friends do). Just one of the many ways we can use Twitter to both entertain and enrich each other.

And what do you want to see PIs tweeting about?

4 thoughts on “Yes, Some People Stalk for Pay, Stricly Legal

  1. I too often resemble that remark. PI’s do much more than that. For example I had a case where two private pilots had their Acura stolen from the Oakland International Airport parking lot. The S.O. did no investigation, despite the fact that two pilot’s bags with logs, ramp codes, gate codes, and one pilots DOE ID badge were in the car.

    They brought me onboard and I worked with the S.O. to get the vehicle and assets back. Yes it’s possible from video, fast track, cell phone records and Acura’s GPS capabilities. One suspect was already in custody on an unrelated charge, but was willing to spill the beans to me (not the cops) about the location of the rest of the gear, and I in exchange put a little bit of money on the books for him. He’s doing a bit of time.

  2. My case load is 98% Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance work in AML and PEP and little bandwidth for “typical” PI fare. I refer a great deal of work to qualified (licensed) private investigators nationwide — but moving forward — I intend to only refer case work to PIs plugged into the Web 2.0 world. I also have a great deal of investigation/investigator content that I am spooling and delivering to a CMS (Joomla!) system that is being developed right now. I can’t take 25 years worth of knowledge with me — so I will be sharing it with the global investigation community.

    I too am a state employee (AZ) and I have a great deal to do as a Business Analyst with the local Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

    I look forward to kicking it with the Twitter PI crowd!

  3. Great Website here, good topics and nice design. I especially love how you compare us to stalkers! Of course, we are ethical and nice as far as stalkers go. Seriously, we still have a few states that do not require a license. Oregon is not one of them. I am proud to carry my license and proud to be part this wonderful profession. You can find so many different specialties within this one profession which allows us to connect with some great people and spread the work around!!!

    Thank you for promoting our work in such a positive way.

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