We Are All Environmentalists

img_1917We are all environmentalists. Or are we?

This week I saw a news clip about the new “green” Bible, published in an environmentally friendly fashion and highlighting environmental themes. The piece intimated there was some backlash about the edition (without actually quoting anyone upset by it), something about end-timers who think the earth isn’t worth preserving because it’s all going to burn anyway. That attitude by Christians has always bothered me, because it’s pretty clear that from a believer’s perspective, one of our purposes is to be good stewards of the earth, and for that matter, good stewards of anything we have.

Beyond that, environmentalism always seems to get muddied up. If not religion, it’s politics. Japan, however, is a basically conservative country, with very strong environmental laws. Tokyo banned diesel engines. Water conservation is at a premium. Maybe its because there is less land to go around, or maybe it’s because the Japanese value the collective society while we Americans focus more on individual rights.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen there – so cool that I had my aunt pose with her washing machine – is that even in high-end condos, washing machines are hooked up to use leftover bath water for washing clothes (also check out her great sweatshirt). Talk about conservation!

The EPA has a great blog, Greenversations, where they ask a question each week to get people thinking and interacting on conservation issues. Agency Web manager Jeffrey Levy (@levj413) does a great job of using other tools to steer people to the site. Greenversations is just on example of how we can use Web 2.0 to move the collective conciousness towards conversation. Let’s talk about it.

3 thoughts on “We Are All Environmentalists

  1. Adriel, I haven’t seen the “green Bible” yet, though I think it’s kind of cool. I do believe the earth will burn up some day, but that’s no reason to wastefully destroy it now. We are here to manage all of our God-given resources and to be good stewards of our time, talents, money, and even our planet. Plus I’d love for my daughter to grow up and breathe easily! Thanks for the link and the insights.

  2. Wow, with all the water we use for baths in my house on top of how much laundry we do (and I never do less than a FULL load) a washer that uses the leftover bath water would be great! Environmentally AND economically…

    It’s very frustrating to know that as much as we, as individuals, do to help the environment, it won’t be until the government takes more of a tougher stand (such as Japan, and hey we here in California have a Gov who is pretty tough on the Environment) that we will really see the kind of progress we need.

    And as far as Christians thinking the world is going to burn up anyway, well that’s just the kind of thinking that will indeed get the world burned up!

    I’m going to go check out Greenversations right now. Great post Adriel!

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention, Adriel!

    We love hearing from folks on Greenversations. I regularly learn new tips from our readers, too.

    @megger: I look forward to reading your comments! 🙂

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