Ten of My SocMed Peeps

So these lists are going to get a bit repetitive, but now and again I want to give shouts out to some of the great folks I follow in my communities of interest: Government 2.0, social media, and locals. Today, 10 people using Twitter to its potential for creating great social media. You’ve probably already heard of most of them, but maybe not. And if you’re just starting out, following these folks will get you up to speed. The list was compiled by starting from the beginning of my own Twitter experience (in unranked order); later on I’ll post newer names I’ve come to know and love. And please add your best of on the comments. For now:

@skydiver @ecevents @chrisbrogan @trib @jonathanfleming @ariherzog @dbillian @stelzner @kriscolvin @anthonyidem

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