Targeted Facebook Ads = Gold

If you’re a local business or a local candidate, targeted Facebook ads could be your ticket to a cheap and deep splash. One of my favorite stories from the last general election is about the Dartmouth student who won the Treasurer’s Office in Grafton County over an incumbent, and credited her win to $50 in Facebook ads.

I recently ran a targeted Facebook ad to the 800 people the site identifies as being Dublin residents. I put my photo and my name in the ad – $4 and a couple weeks later, my ad has been seen on their pages some 9,000 times. If you’re running for office, or if you’ve got a local business you’d like people to recognize and talk about – think about that.

One thought on “Targeted Facebook Ads = Gold

  1. From @jonathanfleming –
    Great Article, that is a great way to see the future of Social Media and show how effective Facebook was at improving someone’s ROI with the use of Advertising, great post…

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