GovLoop Interview: Mark Danielson and Me

From #glotw and, Mark Danielson, HR Director of Sitka, Alaska, interviews Adriel Hampton:

Mark Danielson: Where are you from?

Adriel Hampton: Hmm. I was born in Modesto, home of Gary Condit, Cary Stayner … I think that list goes on. Seriously, love Modesto.

Q: What are the things that make you excited?

A: Right now, Gov 2.0. I enjoy helping people, very involved in my church, job referrals, editing, giving bcs life is good

Q: If you could pick your perfect job, what would it be?

A: Governmental affairs officer in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

Q: That would be an awesome job! I know we’re on the same page about giving back to our communities, what is your current project?

A: Presently I’m trying to get SF legislators to implement a bit of 2.0. Also helping some Dublin guys with a Citizen 2.0 site, blogging

Q: I really like the Dublin stuff ; the city projects , and About Dublin. What kind of resistance is there against 2.0 projects?

A: I think it’s new things, esp. when budgets are in the tank. But do officials REALLY want citizen interaction? Not all of ’em, I think

Q: Quote from my City Manager:” Do all that stuff you’re talking about (web design,) Just leave out the comments and blogging stuff.” Ouch

A: Yes, I think the real barrier for municipalities is that you empower the public, things get a bit messier. Execs sense that

Q: Are there any top officials or managers blogging in Dublin or SF?

A: Not really that I know of. Well, one SF supe, but comments are disabled and it’s political. He goes after the mayor

A: I also think a 2.0 problem is anonymous comments. I think that was a big problem with AOL, and will be HUGE for Gov 2.0

Q: Hey, you’ve made some choices (from your bio, very interesting,) in your life, what’s the one that worked out the best?

A: Can I pick two? Want to say becoming a Christian, marrying my wife.

Q: God bless you both. Great answer. I skipped over anonymous comments. I think that might be our biggest hurdle. How to jump it

A: Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought and discussion. Intent and purpose. You need a good culture where user/owners steer in the open.

Q: Tough question for 140 characters! Agreed, openness is a center of gravity. Fun time: What is your favorite Wallace Stevens poem?

A: Have to admit I’ve only read one collection. “The Man with the Blue Guitar” and “A Weak Mind in the Mountains” caught my attention

Q: Gosh I love that guy. Favorite green project?

A: Have to say Better Place, bringing electric car networks to cities around the world. I’m big on sustainability, after Tokyo.

Q: Tokyo is nuts. Just plain. I pray every day for us to make progress with these passions and projects. Last one: What gives you hope?

A: My faith, my family, my friends. Kids, especially my kids. Happy about Obama, too 🙂

Q: Thanks Adriel, I think you are just awesome. Shakers, doers, dreamers and workers like you make our country great. And very cool.

A: You too, Mark, you too. Keep rockin’ Sitka! That’s a wrap.

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