Yes on 81 – and Yes on Trees

Here’s the letter I sent to all of my friends this week. Please pass the message along! “Please join me in voting ‘Yes’ on Proposition 81 on June 6. This library bond will help build new facilities in my hometown of Walnut Creek and throughout the state – without raising local property taxes. Prop 81 is a reasonable measure for important community infrastructure. Thanks for your consideration!” … In a related matter, the largest issue related to the Civic Park library construction that concerns me now is tree preservation. Ultimately, some trees are going to be lost to the project, but it seems from the designs I’ve seen that the architects should be able to save the evergreen and two oaks in the eastern portion of the current surface lot. These are great shade trees and carbon filters for the cars that park in the lot. If you share my concerns, please e-mail Mayor Kathy Hicks at Thanks! …

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