Being an EnviroInvestor at Home

Being an EnviroInvestor is about more than stock picking. It means conscious decisions to adapt one’s consumer lifestyle in a manner that promotes sustainability and healthy wealth creation. In that line, my family has recently done some shopping at two great sustainability-focused companies: Smith & Hawken and Whole Foods (WFMI). … Through a disposal-service program, we bought a cut-rate Smith & Hawken Biostack composting bin (getting a slight reduction on our garbage bill as a bonus). At Whole Foods, we picked up two reusable grocery bags (just $1.59 each, made by The Green Bag Co.). Using the bags will earn a $.05 rebate each at many retailers. (Whole Foods is also predicted by the Motley Fool newsletter to be the “next American super brand.” Think green Wal-Mart.)… Like many sustainability-focused corporate decisions, these purchases are more about reducing our impact on the environment than saving money – but like those larger corporate choices, they’ll pay financial dividends as well. … And speaking of dividends, one of the best financial choices you can make (assuming you’re already living within a reasonable budget) is to use a dividend credit card to make grocery and gas purchases. Many of the popular cards now pay 5 percent back on such purchases, meaning hundreds of dollars a year in cash back on the average family budget. Just make sure to pay off the balance each month! …

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