My Thoughts on the General Plan

I sent the following comments to the planning commissioners on the General Plan Committee (their e-mail addresses can be found on the redesigned City Web site):
“Thank you for all your hard work on the new General Plan. As an interested resident (Carmel Drive renter with a young family) who hopes to live in Walnut Creek for the duration of the new plan, I hope you will take a few of my thoughts into consideration. I am generally supportive of the draft general plan and favor high-density downtown development. I believe, though, that mixed-use near the BART station should be heavily weighted towards housing, since the BART is primarily a commuter vehicle not used heavily for day trips or retail visits (I am a daily BART commuter with a single family car). … Housing near BART and in the downtown and along key bus corridors should have reduced parking (less than 1-for1) and incorporate car-sharing programs. I believe such language should be written into the plan. I also believe section 4 of the plan should clearly state that housing developments should have mixed unit types (studios through three-bedrooms, for example) to encourage a diverse resident base. … In section 4, goals 10.1.2, 12 and 23 could incorporate brief additional language favoring lower parking rations in transit hubs and use of car-share programs with designated parking spaces in new developments. Language in goal 11 regarding affordable housing could be strengthened. … Goal 10.1 should be changed to cut out “local-serving retail” which should not be near the Walnut Creek BART station and its primary use as a housing, business and commuter-serving district. … I strongly support goal 6.2.1, as well as goals 16, 18, 20 (particularly 20.1.3),24, 25, and 28. The language in 25.1.1 could be strengthened to add even further support for green building standards, perhaps by stating commission preference for developers using LEED standards or the like. … Thank you for your attention and service to the City. Good luck with Thursday night’s meeting – I know we can be demanding. …”

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