New buy: High-dividend Lloyds TSB

As with most investors, I’m a sucker for trading. Without much cash for new buys, that means I end up dumping one holding for the new. In September, I dropped a low-performing mutual fund for Citigroup (C). That one has paid off so far. … One of my favorite sources of information – from buying cars to picking stocks – is Motley Fool. A free Fool e-mail this week recommended Lloyds TSB (LYG), pointing out, among other tips, that Lloyds currently boasts a 7.4 percent dividend. Lloyds’ dividend has grown steady over the four years it’s traded on the Big Board. So, I dumped a second slow performing fund and bought Lloyds for a long-term hold. … Citigroup’s environmental platform is here, and here’s Lloyds (pdf). Citi is a world-mover on the microfinance and sustainability front, while the much smaller Lloyds focuses on reducing its own corporate drain on natural resources. …

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