We won! Thank you!

Despite heavy downtown spending, the ill-conceived plan to put a 300-plus space garage in Civic Park went down to a resounding defeat Tuesday night. … Thanks to everyone who talked to their neighbors about this and who sent a clear message to City Hall that we’re not going to sit by for their consultant-driven redevelopment schemes.

2 thoughts on “We won! Thank you!

  1. Great. What is the plan now? The complaint ; The proposed structure is almost five times the size of the old library. It includesa 42,000+ square feet building and a 310 space, 5 story parking structure.

    What do you suggest, quit complaining and start presenting. Let’s not make it look like that lousy school building on Ygnacio & Walnut Bld.

  2. First, any plan to build a new garage needs to be split from the plan to build a new library. A new library can be served by the Broadway Garage, the existing Civic Park lots and beefed up shuttles. … For now though, we’re taking a break for a couple weeks.

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