Vote No on Measure R – Ignore the Times

Well, since the Contra Costa Times and its Walnut Creek Journal can’t even get the figure right on the bond we’ll be voting on a week from Tuesday, I guess you’ll just have to trust us: $21 million in bonds is a foolish and foolhardy way to pay for the library. Just take a look at today’s Journal cover story, where it become clear that parking revenues could be used to pay for a new library. But they wouldn’t be as dependable as the taxman and your property. … And the Times actually wants us to believe the City’s library plan is finished, and the fruit of decades of work. Yeah? Then tell me why it keeps changing, won’t you? (And do you think calling half your readers a “cadre” is a good way to win subscriptions?) … To counter the newspaper spin paid for by downtown developer dollars and fancy consultants, the No on R campaign put out a flyer today. I found one when I came home from work – they even used this site’s meme: “Save Civic Park” indeed! … This flyer points out that final plans for the library (that means the environmental report, my Green friends) won’t be ready until after the election. It points out that this election is for a financing scheme, not whether or not to build a new library. I agree – vote ‘No’ today absentee, or next Tuesday at the polls. We’re winning. Thanks! …

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