No on R – It’s all about the park

Sadly, recent Contra Costa Times articles have begun to toe a heavily pro-Measure R line. … Contrast that with the recent piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, which takes a very fair look at the arguments around the library. … For us, the central issue has always been the mega-parking garage planed for the corner of Broadway and Lincoln. A garage there is not right for the park, and will only encourage future high-density redevelopment of the beautiful old downtown. …
The garage issue has taken a back-seat in much of the news coverage of Measure R, but we think plenty of people will vote ‘No’ when they learn of the 35-foot garage plan. Add to that the fact that Walnut Creek residents don’t like to pay for their parking, and you have a losing proposition. … We’re becoming more confident that Measure R will fail, and hope that will force City Hall to bring real compromise to the table to build a reasonable new library. … Citizens who have suggested that Civic Park is not the right place for a new garage and 42,000-square-foot library are correct. We’d like to see the City work with developers to site a large new library across the street from the movie theater, using the old Veterans site that now stands to become condos or more retail. … The City has no trouble carving up our park; let them put their money where their mouth is. … Measure R is also deeply flawed, as many citizens are pointing out, because it puts a new tax burden on only a small portion of the people who will use a new downtown branch. … The City, which loves to roll out the red carpet for car dealers and their sales taxes, should put a quarter-cent sales tax hike on the ballot to fund library revenue bonds instead of the current discriminatory property tax. …

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