Some angry citizen left a note pinned to a car bearing a SaveCivicpark.Com sign today. “Remove the house!” it read. While this citizen is obviously an avid reader, he or she must not be following our progress. See, we won that battle. Nobody is taking the house without a fair negotiation, untainted by threats of eminent domain. I may be a renter, but I can sure empathize with the Maxwell/Heidt family over the value of family property. … Please add to our effort by printing out and posting your own Save Civic Park car sign. …

One thought on “Backlash

  1. Our house actually pre-dates the Park. I found notes written by my great-grandmother, notes obviously written to persuade the City Council at that time to take the bold step of creating the Park out of what had been the Moses’ family’s pear orchard. This was just after World War II. I am sure she never imagined that 10 years later her home would be targeted. Back then the City was satisfied with the front half of her property. The Library Lot had been a neighborhood with about 10 utterly charming homes (check out the old photos at the Walnut Creek Historical Society). By the time I was born in 1967 they were all gone. We are the last home left. But I truly feel that if the person who wrote that note could see our place he or she would understand our devotion and agree that it should never be sacrificed. Families and people are the threads of the fabric of a community as much as places.

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