In a perfect world …

A great new Walnut Creek downtown library would include about 150 underground parking spaces with a design that puts an expanded building over the current parking site without encroaching on the tennis courts or rose gardens. That’s the kind of design I’d be willing to pay for with a November bond measure. …

2 thoughts on “In a perfect world …

  1. Well, according to City engineers it can be done, it is more a matter of money. It is more expensive than going above ground, but since this is paid by citizens, will have a lasting significant impact and is a Civic improvement, I think the best option is to have the parking underground for Library and Civic Park use only and the Library on top. There is a parking garage on Broadway one block from the Cantina (and across the street from the downtown) that is never filled to capacity and would more than accomodate any commercial parking needs that would be displaced by loosing the limited amount of commercial parking in the Library Lot. Why not make the Library Lot truly for the Library?

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