Friday Flash

FLASH: CC Times to report no eminent domain for Casa Cristina. … Sunday update: The original online version of the story Friday was a bit different than the one that appeared in print on Saturday. The original version states that no commercial space will be sited in the park. … Maybe people wouldn’t have complained about eminent domain if councilmembers hadn’t stated that they were considering it. It’s also interesting that the council took the time to put a $21 million bond on the ballot before its recess, but not to clear up the eminent domain issue. That had to happen at a scarcely noticed special closed session. …

2 thoughts on “Friday Flash

  1. I cannot thank everyone in our community enough for this change of direction from the City Council! I know that it only occured because of the voices that were raised in defense of our family home. It is very encouraging to see them change course and I know that more can be done to create a Library and preserve a Park for current and future generations of Walnut Creek citizens to cherish and enjoy. What we are seeing is Democracy in action, not inaction, and government whether local, state or national will be as responsive as we are involved.
    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you! Please knock on my door and say hello!
    Elizabeth Heidt

  2. We’re glad the big pressure is off. Few things feel as good as helping a neighbor, so there are a lot of happy folks around Walnut Creek this weekend.

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