See that creek? They’ve been good stewards

When Elizabeth Heidt was a child, she remembers the creek very green, gunked up with algae. Occasionally stinky. Ducks were the only wildlife in sight. … Things have changed since then. Sunday I watched a blue heron take off not 50 feet from the wooden steps that lead from Casa Cristina to the creek. Herons and egrets dine in the slow-moving waters, as do raccoons that lunch on the smaller critters that hide in the mud. … Preserving the creek didn’t just happen, though. Rip-wrap and rebar line the creek on private property, while concrete fills the streams the City got its hands on. … Some 50 years ago, Heidt’s grandfather, Kendric French, rebuffed attempts by the Army Corps of Engineers to pave the creek bank. … “He said, ‘What are we going to call it? Walnut Ditch, Walnut Gutter, Walnut Sewer?’ ” recalls Heidt. … When you look from Lincoln into the creek, you see a family’s stewardship. Walnut Creek should be grateful. …

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