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Roses for Regalia

Rather than take heed of growing voter sentiment against the Council’s plans to break the civic bank for a giant garage, retail stores and big-box library in Civic Park, Councilwoman Gwen Regalia in today’s W.C. Journal dismissed the 92 residents who took the time to rank the City’s key issues. … “It indicates that there was not a great deal of interest … I wouldn’t call this the most accurate poll,” Regalia told the Journal’s Theresa Harrington. … Perhaps our elected representatives could take time to read the letters, like the one from Sharon Doherty. Sharon likes the idea of a new library, but she wants to keep the tennis courts, the trees and the roses. Won’t somebody listen to Sharon? …


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The people are with us!

I couldn’t help but grin as I read this morning’s Walnut Creek Journal. A few days ago I asked CC Times editor Chris Lopez if he thought the paper’s coverage was tapping true voter sentiment. I posed perhaps not, since most of the coverage focuses on official actions, while the people are “too busy fighting with traffic, housing costs and everyday hassles to make a fuss.” What a vindication to find that W.C. readers told the Journal in a survey published today that traffic and trasportation were their top issues, with affordable housing not far behind. … Also near the top were preservation, a dog park, and Walnut Creek Heritage. “New library” was second to last on the list of residents’ concerns, beating out only “political changes in city.” Wanna bet that last one gains steam if the Council holds course? …

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